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A brochure is where you flaunt your legacy. It’s like a physical website, where everything is written in golden words and in beautiful designs showcasing the best of your brand. So let’s break the myth structured by brochure design companies that it sells something—no, it positions you!It is much like a groomed gentleman in tux—a representative—talking to people about what you promise, what you offer, what you manufacture and why you exist, in a tone that melts the heart of your consumer with adoration and awe. Brochure catalog designs aren’t mere marketing collaterals; they are the representatives of your brand.

A brochure is a compact medium of marketing. Its basic purpose is not just to inform people about your products and services, but also to underline the fact that you have better solutions up your sleeve when compared to your competitors. It can be called the flag-bearer, as far as affordable and effective marketing is concerned. Our skilled, professional and consultative brochure design experts consider integrity as an important aspect of business.

How do we justify the title of best brochure design agency in Sri Lanka?

Creativity is evergreen! And creativity is the answer to almost everything at Andout, even in the case of brochure design services. When we get down to craft a brochure catalog design, we understand what brand does, what they offer, etc. We do our research on the brand, their existing brochure, brochures of their competitors, and the market. With ample of research data in hand, we churn out ideas. Ideas that establish the brand right from the cover page itself; a concept that justifies the USP of your brand; a thought that provokes the viewer to pick up the brochure and flip the pages to know more. That is the power of a truly distinctive idea delivered from Andout, the creative brochure design agency of 21st era.


Once we get the brief from your side, the creative army at Andout put all their efforts in brochure design that serves as an engaging educative piece. Through brochure, your products/services get the undivided space to exhibit their true personality. Along with the graphical presentation of your message, we make your products make a statement through a great copy. A contemporary touch is vital, but as a brochure designing company, we strive to create masterpieces that can never be labeled outdated. Our brochure design services aim at creating a piece that vividly presents your company’s philosophy, culture and everything you ever wanted to put across your consumer.

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