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Our Social Media Marketing Services Team starts by auditing your competition & industry, identifying your customers needs. The information collected coupled with your Brand Positioning helps us define your social media marketing strategy.

These relationships can outlast the sales journey.

The single minded objective behind our Social Media Marketing Services is to put your brand in the social conversations happening between your prospective consumers so that you can take full advantage of it naturally and build your brand & business.

Take advantage of our Social Media Marketing Services in colombo Sri Lanka. Build your presence on multiple social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and many more.

Our Unique Approach & Process

Beginning with research and development allows us to understand your brand, your audience, and your goals. We are able to use the strategy to measure each step and analyze what tactics are working through the process. Your company will understand how every installment is calculated and why our team chose to do it. Ultimately, our objective is to establish a strategy that leads to increasing your bottom line

With a clear understanding of your business, prospects, voice, messaging, branding, and goals, we are able to create a unique social package for your company. The social media package lays the groundwork for the next step: execution. Our work is unique, relevant, and tailored to your brand identity. In some cases we execute extensive strategies including focus groups, on-site research, & more

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Setting the foundation

We start by auditing the tracking and pixel set up, making sure that events are properly configured, and goals are getting captured. If there’s a product catalog, this is the time when it’s QA’ed and potentially connected with our feed management provider. From there, we make sure that internal data is ingested in the platforms, either through CRM linking or custom uploads. At this point we can now create dozens of pixel and CRM based audiences that we’ll use as lookalike sources and for remarketing.



In the world of Paid Social, creative is king. At Andout we set up folders with our clients to easily share and collaborate on images, videos, and copy. Everything is kept in a central place, with easy access to reporting so you know exactly how each piece of creative is performing across different tactics. Our clients love the transparency and ease of insight.



With the audiences developed and creative in place, we’re just about ready to deploy. Now it’s time to execute. The initial tests revolve around finding the best creative assets (image, video, copy, etc.) and finding the top audiences that respond to the winning creative. As soon as we’ve found some early traction, we dedicate a portion of the budget to scaling those efforts while using the rest to continue testing. It’s an ongoing process, and one that is clearly documented and communicated at every step of the way.

What clients say

They’re very realistic about what level of investment we should be putting into our website based on the size of our business. Their suggestions were aligned with what we were looking for. Overall, they were great communicators, good listeners, and fantastic collaborators. That made the project run pretty smoothly because we could have honest conversations about what we wanted to do, and they were able to steer us in a direction that made sense.

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Dr Prasanna Rathnayake

Director AMR Ceylon Glove pvt(ltd)

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