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Incorporating PPC Services Into Your Internet Marketing Campaign to Achieve Results

PPC (pay per click) is an internet marketing advertising solution where clients pay a nominal fee each time a potential client clicks on their link. This form of marketing has proven highly successful in increasing website traffic and boosting conversion rates (visitors that convert into customers).

The most popular form of PPC is Google search engine advertising. This allows the advertiser to bid for their advert placement in search engine results, using selected keywords related to their industry. As soon as a potential client clicks on the link they are redirected to the website for a small fee.

At Andout we provide a complete PPC management service & Google advertising services in sri lanka , which includes keyword and customer research and analysis through to setting up a strategic campaign to achieve the best results. We set up PPC landing pages optimised to achieve the best conversion rate. We know what search engines are looking for when it comes to PPC campaigns to ensure their users receive accurate and useful information.

Google Adwords is probably the most popular PPC advertising solution available. It enables the creation of adverts that appear in Google search results. The benefit is as the customer you set your PPC budget. We will design a number of advertisements and award the best performing ads with the majority of the budget. With regular monitoring, we are able to make necessary adjustments to poor performing adverts to ensure you achieve a high volume of traffic to your website as a result

Google Advertising Company Sri Lanka

Google ppc advertising services in colombo Sri Lanka

Andout PPC Advertising strategies immediately and effectively put our clients right in front of their respective target audiences. Well-executed ppc search advertising campaigns cut through the clutter to maximize ROI and increase click-through rate.

  • Keyword and Audience Research
  • Ad Account Buildout
  • Campaign Targeting Strategy
  • Ad Copywriting
  • E-commerce Feed Setup and Organization
  • Monthly and Ad Hoc Reporting
What clients say

They’re very realistic about what level of investment we should be putting into our website based on the size of our business. Their suggestions were aligned with what we were looking for. Overall, they were great communicators, good listeners, and fantastic collaborators. That made the project run pretty smoothly because we could have honest conversations about what we wanted to do, and they were able to steer us in a direction that made sense.

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Dr Prasanna Rathnayake

Director AMR Ceylon Glove pvt(ltd)

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